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Polyglot In-Memory [clear filter]
Wednesday, June 14

11:00am PDT

Polyglot In-Memory Track Introduction - Jana Richter, SAP
avatar for Jana Richter

Jana Richter

Product Manager, SAP SE
Jana Richter is leading the SAP Cloud Platform Core Product Management team - current focus topics: multi cloud strategy, Cloud Foundry environment, runtimes and backing services, XSA programming model, hybrid cloud setups.

Wednesday June 14, 2017 11:00am - 11:10am PDT
SCCC Ballroom J

11:10am PDT

TrueRec.io: A Blockchain Project Running on Cloud Foundry [B] - Nethaji Tummuru, Michael Kunzmann & Mario Ponce, SAP
We all have gone through the process of hiring or applying for a job. In most cases, it's very tedious to verify a candidate's credentials (academic, employment, professional records), and even more to prove one’s own credentials. After the job offer, the bureaucracy starts. One of the most time-consuming processes is background checks to verify the applicant’s identity, education and employment history. How can a recruiter trust a resume the moment he receives it? How can resume records be notarized and verified in a blink of an eye with bullet-proof confidence? Is it possible to empower applicants to provide pre-verified records and still allow them the ownership of their information? TrueRec solves all these problems by utilizing Blockchain , Machine Learning all built on Cloud Foundry.

In this talk, we will discuss about the building blocks , blockchain architecture and cloud foundry components that we have leveraged.

avatar for Michael Kunzmann

Michael Kunzmann

Lead Platform Engineer, SAP
My name is Michael Kunzmann and I am the lead Software Platform Engineer of the truerec.io platform. My work focus is in designing, architecting and building the truerec.io platform. I have worked in various Cloud Foundry projects before and currently working on delivering one of... Read More →
avatar for Mario Ponce

Mario Ponce

Senior Architect, SAP Labs
Mario is a Senior Developer working for SAP Labs from the Innovation Center Network Team architecting and developing cloud native applications with Cloud Foundry. Currently developing truerec.io leveraging Ethereum blockchain and computer vision algorithms. Speaker at SAP confere... Read More →
avatar for Nethaji Tummuru

Nethaji Tummuru

Director of Product development, SAP Labs
Nethaji, is responsible for bringing ideas to market. He has expertise in engineering and product management. He has a strong engineering background with focus on building scalable cloud-native applications. Have strong technical expertise in Cloud, big data, and in-memory platforms... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 11:10am - 11:40am PDT
SCCC Ballroom J

11:50am PDT

Monetizing Your Applications Using Cloud Foundry Abacus and Billing Engines [I] - Pankaj Kumar, SAP
This session will demonstrate how CF Abacus is used for metering your applications. Based on this we can monetize on various attributes like API Calls, Resources consumed etc. This session will include an end to end scenario of enabling metering for an existing application. Followed by pushing the metered data into a rating and billing system there by triggering an invoice to the customer. The demo will use the knowledge and experience we have gathered at SAP in monetizing some of our cloud solutions using Cloud Foundry.

avatar for Pankaj Kumar

Pankaj Kumar

Product Manager, SAP
Pankaj Kumar is part of the product management for SAP Cloud Platform where he focuses on commercialization aspects of the various platform resources and services. He has been a speaker at various Industry events like SAP TechEd, ASUG etc.
avatar for Nick Milani

Nick Milani

VP Strategy & Solution Managment, SAP
Bucket list: Neural implants, holodeck, space travel, 488 Spider, Drum with AC/DC, DJ at Berghain. MBA, BSc (Software Engineering). Australia - France - USA

Wednesday June 14, 2017 11:50am - 12:20pm PDT
SCCC Ballroom J

12:30pm PDT

SAP Hybris Smart Driving Showcase - Featured by Microservices and Cloud Foundry to Empower the Development Ecosystem [B] - Torsten Born, SAP
Cloud computing demonstrates, how to think beyond the idea of an unscalable infrastructure. Applying this idea to cars, the showcase SAP Hybris Smart Driving demonstrates the possibility to access additional range of functions. Increasing or decreasing horse power can for example impact the insurance costs. It utilizes SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud for subscription and pay-per-use billing. Hands-free is a must-have in cars, therefore voice recognition technology and digital assistant service are used to subscribe for additional range of functions.

Following the micro service architecture and API-first pattern in our applications like SAP Hybris Revenue Cloud, customers, partners and developers can easily integrate but also reinvent their business model. The necessary scalability and flexibility is provided by SAP Cloud Platform and Cloud Foundry. During the presentation we will demonstrate a smart driving adventure in virtual reality and explaining the architecture behind the scene. The architectural concept provides insights, on how integration and extensibility concepts could look like. Discussion on the blueprint are welcome.

avatar for Torsten Born

Torsten Born

Program Director, Research & Innovation , SAP SE
Torsten evangelizes the potential of SAP's customer engagement and commerce product portfolio by showcasing digital transformation scenarios.

Wednesday June 14, 2017 12:30pm - 1:00pm PDT
SCCC Ballroom J

2:25pm PDT

Write Once, Earn Anywhere – Monetizing Enterprise APIs with Cloud Foundry - Robert Land & Elijah Martinez, SAP
Microservices are frequently touted as “SOA done right”. Cloud Foundry and microservice architectures are ideally suited for one another, with Cloud Foundry handling underlying issues such as scaling, failover, load balancing, etc. When coupled with a strong API layer, true continuous software delivery becomes a reality for developers. This architecture is ideal for applying API management which provides usage monitoring, service discovery and monetization. Additionally businesses and application developers increasingly rely on external APIs for quick and efficient enhancement of their core data and business processes, whether on premise or in the cloud.

SAP as a world leader in business data, touching over $16 Trillion of consumer purchases globally, has committed to moving its business into the cloud, supporting API development and choosing Cloud Foundry as its strategic architecture for its Cloud Platform. Come discover how you can leverage this new paradigm of data openness to tap into Enterprise APIs, and how API Management enables developers to quickly and easily monetize software built on these APIs.

avatar for Robert Land

Robert Land

Product Manager, SAP Cloud Platform, Demo Creation, SAP Labs, LLC.
Robert is a Product Manager for SAP Cloud Platform Demo Creation, where he creates proof-of-concept software applications. Robert has a software engineering background in medical robotics and networks, including more than a decade at Cisco Systems. Robert has been a frequent presenter... Read More →

Elijah Martinez

Product Manager, SAP
Elijah is a Product Manager for SAP Cloud Platform, API Management and API Business Hub, with a focus on building an API ecosystem for Enterprise, as well as showcasing SAP and Partner APIs. Elijah has a testing background in the Mobility and SAP Core product areas, with a long history... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 2:25pm - 2:55pm PDT
SCCC Ballroom J

3:05pm PDT

Build Intelligent Business Applications with Machine Learning and Cloud Foundry - Margaret Laffan, SAP
Explore the role of machine learning in transforming every digital business. Locate areas where deep learning can be applied to generate deeper insights and uncover new opportunities and potential challenges, using machine learning solutions on SAP Cloud Platform. Learn how SAP is leveraging Cloud Foundry technology and building intelligent applications that enable you to gain a deeper understanding of your business and make it more agile.

avatar for Margaret Laffan

Margaret Laffan

Margaret Laffan belongs to the Business Development Team for Machine Learning at the Innovation Center Network and is driving customer engagement for the different SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Applications. Margaret has a MA in Political Science and professional background in Product... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 3:05pm - 3:35pm PDT
SCCC Ballroom J

3:45pm PDT

Embedding Business Rule Engine in Cloud Foundry (IoT) Applications [B] - Abhinav Kumar & Sasi Varnan Sundarakandasamy, SAP
Business Rules help the LoBs to react with changing business by empowering end users to author/change rules on the go. Now a days, business rules are used almost everywhere from IoT to big data use-cases, due to the flexibility and power it provides to business users.

In this session, you will learn:
1) How to filter noise at Edge/Hub itself using Business Rule Engine
2) How an IoT application deployed on Cloud Foundry can embed the rule engine to empower business user to take right decisions on the go.
3) In general, how the business rules service can be used to model the rule for your cloud foundry applications.


Abhinav Kumar

Senior Developer, SAP SE
Abhinav is developer at SAP based out in Bangalore, India. Abhinav focuses primarily on development of business rules.

Sasi Varnan Sundarakandasamy

Sasi is architect at SAP based out in Bangalore, India. Sasi drives architecture of BPM/BRM at SAP. Sasi is regular speaker at SAP TechEd.

Wednesday June 14, 2017 3:45pm - 4:15pm PDT
SCCC Ballroom J

4:45pm PDT

Build Enterprise Apps Using CF Instance on Your Laptop! [B] - Sanjay Patil, SAP
Most enterprise applications depend upon a powerful underlying database engine for data storage and data intensive business logic. On top of it, it is common to use languages like Java for business services and JavaScript for sleek user experience. It is also highly desirable to develop, debug and test such polyglot applications locally before deploying them in the Cloud.

This session will demonstrate (with working code) some best practices for:
- Using Cloud Foundry for implementing micro-services architecture for all application layers (including database driven micro-services)
- Developing and testing polyglot applications with a local Cloud Foundry instance on your laptop and deploying the very same application code to Cloud

avatar for Sanjay Patil

Sanjay Patil

Product Manager, SAP Cloud Platform
Sanjay Patil is a Product Manager of SAP Cloud Platform, a certified Cloud Foundry PaaS solution. He is passionate about open technologies such as Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes, that help businesses innovate faster at a global scale. He has delivered talks and conducted hands-on sessions... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 4:45pm - 5:15pm PDT
SCCC Ballroom J

5:25pm PDT

Effective Patterns and Practices for Polyglot Programming [A] - Martin Kreibe, ECS Team
Polyglot programming is not just using multiple programming languages, it also involves multiple frameworks and multiple services.

Whether we choose it or not, as technologies evolve, polyglot programming is already there in every corporate environment. Best thing to do is to understand it better and make the right decisions to choose the right programming language/framework/service based on the problem at hand.

We will look at
• What is polyglot programming?
• Risks of polyglot programming? What are the trade-offs?
• What are the patterns and anti-patterns you need to watch out for when you are using it?


Martin Kreibe

Sr Cloud Architect, ECS Team
Martin is a Senior Cloud Architect who is constantly striving to improve application and business processes. He has worked in a variety of fields, from manufacturing to finance to startups, and an on countless greenfield and modernization projects. When leading and advising teams... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 5:25pm - 5:55pm PDT
SCCC Ballroom J
Thursday, June 15

11:30am PDT

Visualize and Analyze Network Traffic of BOSH-Releases in Real-Time [I] - Marco Voelz, SAP
With BOSH, you can deploy complex distributed systems like Cloud Foundry with ease. The difficulties start with day 2: If you are an operator, you need to gain a deep understanding how your system behaves, especially in error cases.

There are some methods to increase understanding of production system: A real-time visualization of a system's network traffic makes it easy to spot anomalies. Additional usage of a chaos-monkey can help you to verify your assumptions about the system's ability to cope with certain errors. You can gain more insights if you drill deeper in the raw network data.

In this talk, we show how we built a visualization and analysis tool for a netflix-like intuition engineering experience entirely from open-source components. By looking at a small example and a bigger Cloud Foundry installation, we discuss how both, visualization and deeper analysis can help us to get a better understanding of our system and discover new insights. And, of course, we use a few BOSH features to make our lives easier.

avatar for Marco Voelz

Marco Voelz

Software Engineer, SAP
Marco is a software developer at SAP working as PM in the BOSH Team Europe. He is a committer in BOSH and spends most of his time with monitoring, automation, and nitty-gritty infrastructure details.

Thursday June 15, 2017 11:30am - 12:00pm PDT
SCCC Ballroom J

12:10pm PDT

Deploy the admin-ui as a CloudFoundry Application [B] - Michael Grifalconi, SAP
There are many applications that don’t exactly fit the 12-factor rules but it would still be useful to deploy them on Cloud Foundry.

SAP used the admin-ui project as a BOSH release to monitor the status of its Cloud Foundry deployments until it was considered an unnecessary effort to maintain a BOSH deployment for the specific use case. Unfortunately, admin-ui was not designed to be deployed as Cloud Foundry application.

The solution was to wrap the application in a way that allows the user to set all necessary configuration parameters in the manifest and deploy it on Cloud Foundry. Even if the talk will focus on the admin-ui, the procedure can be applied to any application which does not support injection of configuration parameters as environment variables like standard Cloud Foundry applications.

avatar for Michael Grifalconi

Michael Grifalconi

Developer, SAP SE
Michael Grifalconi is a Developer at the SAP Cloud Platform since 2015 and his main work field is DevOps where he contributes to deploy, maintain and update Cloud Foundry, infrastructure monitoring as well as continuous delivery solutions using BOSH for all deployments. His first... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 12:10pm - 12:40pm PDT
SCCC Ballroom J

12:50pm PDT

Service Fabrik – Manage Enterprise-Grade Backing Services for an Enterprise-Grade Cloud Foundry [I] - Shashank Mohan Jain & Krishanu Biswas, SAP
Cloud Foundry is a great abstraction layer for developing Cloud-native applications. In order to develop applications, you will also need backing services for caching, messaging, persistence and so on, besides an application runtime. Redis, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, and Postgres are some examples of such backing services. So far, there has been no open source offering that will allow you to provision, and operate backing service instances for Cloud Foundry in an automated/managed way including backup & restore, updates/upgrades and more. SAP’s open source offering called “Service Fabrik” (https://github.com/SAP/service-fabrik-boshrelease), provides a well defined contract and framework to provision and operate services to close this gap. While it is the basis for SAP’s own service offerings, Service Fabrik allows to deploy services described by either BOSH releases or as Docker containers. In this session, we’ll show the basics of Service Fabrik, the features and functions the framework provides and how easy it is to integrate your own services into it.

avatar for Krishanu Biswas

Krishanu Biswas

Product & Engineering Manager, SAP Labs India
Krishanu Biswas is a Product & Engineering Manager at SAP building server technologies and distributed systems over a decade. As a lead product expert, he helps define product requirements around key platform core services and backing services in SAP Cloud Platform based on Cloud... Read More →
avatar for Shashank Mohan Jain

Shashank Mohan Jain

Chief Architect, SAP
Shashank has 20 years of work experience with 8 years in cloud and distributed systems domain. Shashank holds more then 30 patents and has been a speaker in various cloud foundry summits and other conferences.

Thursday June 15, 2017 12:50pm - 1:20pm PDT
SCCC Ballroom J

2:30pm PDT

Running SAP's IoT Services on Cloud Foundry [B] - Wei-Wei Lin & Michael Ameling, SAP
It is predicted that, in the next 10 years, the IoT revolution will dramatically alter all major industries, such as manufacturing, transportation, utility and more. For this reason, SAP has invested and focused on developing comprehensive IoT solutions that can benefit a wide variety of audiences.

In May, SAP will be rolling out brand new IoT Services on SAP Cloud Platform ( IoT Services 4.0). It is running exclusively on Cloud Foundry. In this session, we’ll talk about why we choose Cloud Foundry as our platform and how the rich resource from the open source community compliments and highlights IoT Services’ key features.

avatar for Michael Ameling

Michael Ameling

Development Manager, SAP SE
Michael is responsible for the development of the SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things. Michael joined SAP in 2006 where he was working in numerous research and development projects in the area of Internet of Things (IoT).

Wei-Wei Lin

Senior Product Manager, SAP
Wei-Wei is a product manager for SAP Cloud Platform. Her work has focused on IoT services and the related components. She has spoken at many events about the impact of SAP's IoT offering and role Cloud Foundry plays for SAP Cloud Platform.

Thursday June 15, 2017 2:30pm - 3:00pm PDT
SCCC Ballroom J

3:10pm PDT

A Smooth Path to Cloud Foundry on Containers [B] - Jan von Löwenstein, SAP
Cloud Foundry (CF) has been running apps in containers from the beginning. However, CF itself is deployed with BOSH on virtual machines. At the same time, we see more and more
services outside of CF being deployed on container platforms, such as Mesos or Kubernetes.

We love BOSH, but apparently, container schedulers have advantages over VMs.
How do you deploy a CF based product with additional services on Kubernetes?
Others want to take BOSH out of the equation.
We want to preserve it.
Thus, we take a more evolutionary than revolutionary approach.

In this talk, we show how to deploy regular BOSH releases without modifications using a naive Kubernetes CPI https://github.com/SAP/bosh-kubernetes-cpi-release. We discuss the obstacles we encountered on the way and the current limitations of the CPI. Furthermore, we would like to start a discussion about how to evolve BOSH to overcome some of the current limitations and make container platforms just another deployment choice.

avatar for Jan von Löwenstein

Jan von Löwenstein

Senior Developer, SAP SE
Jan von Loewenstein is a developer on the BOSH OpenStack CPI project. He has worked on SAP's Cloud Management Console before. He is at SAP SE for over 10 years now. Jan had talks at SAP internal conferences. He had a lightning talk at the BOSHDay (CF Summit Santa Clara) in 2016... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 3:10pm - 3:40pm PDT
SCCC Ballroom J

4:10pm PDT

The Long and Winding Road to Application Logging [A] - Istvan Zoltan Ballok, SAP
This talk is about our long journey towards a robust and scalable application log ingestion and processing pipeline for SAP Hana Cloud Platform. While we initially paved the way leveraging the streaming feature based on user provided services, it soon became clear that it lacked some usability features. We then decided to switch gears and moved to the Loggregator Firehose, which made life easier for application developers, but required additional effort on our end, especially in large-scale production environments. The lessons we learned (the hard way) on that leg finally convinced us to take a different road again. Next is SLEEVE, a brokered log forwarding service, with features such as quotas and burst limits. Best part is: We plan to make open source.


Istvan Zoltan Ballok

Developer, SAP SE

Thursday June 15, 2017 4:10pm - 4:40pm PDT
SCCC Ballroom J

4:50pm PDT

File Systems as a Service [I] - Silvestre Zabala, SAP
Volume services are a new feature of Cloud Foundry that allow service brokers to expose services which are mounted as a file system into run-time environment of the bound applications. Volume services thus allow legacy applications which expect a persistent and shared file system to run on Cloud Foundry.

This session will give an introduction to volume services, how to use them, and show you how to build your own file system service.


Silvestre Zabala

Senior Developer, SAP
Silvestre Zabala is a senior developer at SAP SE working on the SAP Cloud Platform which runs on Cloud Foundry. Silvestre is currently working on the Application Autoscaler and the Cloud Application Programming Model.

Thursday June 15, 2017 4:50pm - 5:20pm PDT
SCCC Ballroom J