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Experiments & Extensions [clear filter]
Wednesday, June 14

11:00am PDT

Experiments and Extensions Track Introduction - Matt Cowger, Dell & Dr. Max, IBM
avatar for Michael Maximilien

Michael Maximilien

CTO, IBM Cloud
CTO for IBM driving platform-as-a-service and Serverless OSS projects across the company. Leader for all of IBM Serverless developers. Active member of the Knative community, one of four committers in Knative client project.

Wednesday June 14, 2017 11:00am - 11:10am PDT
Grand Ballroom CD

11:10am PDT

What's New in the Cloud Foundry Ecosystem? - Alex Zalesov, Altoros
A lot has changed in the Cloud Foundry ecosystem in the recent year. But how have these changes influenced the everyday life of the platform operations engineer? What has changed in the developer’s workflow? A year ago one needed to provision a virtual machine for the broker—today, a broker can be deployed as an ordinary application. Previously, a developer had to add authentication code to each of the applications—now a single routing service on top of all apps is used. In this talk, Alex will describe the changes accommodated by our engineers interacting with Cloud Foundry on a day-to-day basis. Alex will describe the features that saved us most time, and the ones that increased our confidence in the platform’s ability to self-heal in the face of failure. Also, Alex will touch upon the most anticipated features that we believe will make our lives much easier.

avatar for Alex Zalesov

Alex Zalesov

Cloud Architect, Altoros
Aleksey Zalesov is a Cloud Architect at Altoros. He has seven years of experience in designing, implementing and supporting computer systems, both traditional and cloud-based. Currently, he designs and implements distributed PaaS systems based on Cloud Foundry and Kuberenetes. Aleksey... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 11:10am - 11:40am PDT
Grand Ballroom CD

11:50am PDT

Using Bosh Add-Ons to Customize your CF Experience [I] - Bridget Arthur & Josh Ghiloni, ECS Team
Bosh add-ons are a new feature that allows teams to customize the virtual machines in their bosh deployment. Although this was previously accomplished through complex post-deploy orchestrations or fragile stemcell modifications, the bosh add-on is a simple, flexible mechanism that plugs directly into any existing bosh 2.0 manifest.

Often times operators discover that the standard VM does not contain some of the VM-level monitoring tools commonly used in troubleshooting. Using this situation as a working example, attendees will learn:
- The use cases for bosh add-ons
- The details and mechanics of how add-ons work
- How to create a bosh add-on
- How to integrate it with an existing bosh deployment

avatar for Josh Ghiloni

Josh Ghiloni

Senior Cloud Architect, ECS Team
Josh is a Principal Consultant and Senior Cloud Architect with ECS Team, a professional services firm based in Denver, CO. Throughout his career, Josh has developed applications and architectures ranging from traditional n-tier enterprise software solutions to microservice architectures... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 11:50am - 12:20pm PDT
Grand Ballroom CD

12:30pm PDT

Open Service Broker API: Creating a Cross-Platform Standard - Shannon Coen, Pivotal & Doug Davis, IBM
Integral to Cloud Foundry's success has been the ability for app developers to choose from a marketplace of 3rd party services and easily integrate them with their applications. Exposing services to developers in this way requires the service provider to implement a few API endpoints known collectively as the Service Broker API.

This powerful yet simple model has not gone unnoticed by the broader Cloud Native community. As a result, the CF Foundation has joined forces with other key players in the community to create the new Open Service Broker API project to enhance the API and foster adoption by other platforms, including Kubernetes. This industry wide project will enable service providers to offer their services to multiple platform marketplaces with a single integration, making support for it more compelling to service providers and accelerating the diversity of services available to app developers and ultimately increasing the velocity of innovation.

This talk will introduce the new Open Service Broker API project, its mission, members, and future plans.

avatar for Shannon Coen

Shannon Coen

Product Manager, Pivotal Software
As a Product Manager at Pivotal, Shannon has been guiding core functionality in Cloud Foundry since 2012. Currently Shannon leads the R&D teams responsible for load balancing, service mesh, and security policy controls in the platform.
avatar for Doug Davis

Doug Davis

PM CodeEngine/Knative, IBM
Doug works in IBM's Hybrid Cloud division. He's been working on Cloud related technologies for many years and has worked on many of the most popular OSS projects, including OpenStack, CloudFoundry, Docker and Kubernetes. He's currently the OM for Knative, co-chairing the CNCF's Serverless... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 12:30pm - 1:00pm PDT
Grand Ballroom CD

2:25pm PDT

Deploying Kubernetes with Cloud Foundry and BOSH [I] - Jeff Johnson and Meaghan Kjelland, Google
In this talk, Meaghan and Jeff will show you how to run and manage Kubernetes with Cloud Foundry and BOSH. This is made possible by a joint collaboration between Pivotal and Google on an open source BOSH release of Kubernetes. We’ll go over the architecture, deployment, and value of the platforms alongside one another.

avatar for Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson

Software Engineer, Google
Jeff is a Software Engineer at Google with experience building on-premise Kubernetes distributions and is now part of the GKE Cluster Lifecycle Team, building life-cycle management and monitoring tools for cluster add-ons. His focus area is networking and application reliability with... Read More →
avatar for Meaghan Kjelland

Meaghan Kjelland

Software Engineer, Google
Meaghan is a software engineer on the GKE cluster lifecycle team at Google. She is currently working on building tools that make it easy to manage the lifecycle of a Kubernetes cluster in on-premise environments. Before joining the GKE team, she worked on another team at Google building... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 2:25pm - 2:55pm PDT
Grand Ballroom CD

3:05pm PDT

CF Serverless: CloudFoundry as a Platform for Serverless Computing [I] - Nima Kaviani & Michael Maximilien, IBM
As CloudFoundry matures to become the de-facto platform for enterprise cloud computing, it is no surprise that various types of computing services need to be supported. Server-less computing is a new name for various previous concepts or technologies, e.g. functors, functional programming. In this model of computing, applications are written as a series of small functions with clear input and output and can be executed in the cloud on demand. The difference between this approach and eg. micro-services is that the backend part only executes when invoked. In this talk we compare and contrast possible approaches to make CF a first class platform for server-less computing. We explore retrofitting the current CF app push model, leverage open source server less platforms like OpenWhisk, and investigate how the CF runtime (Diego) could be improved to support server less apps as on-off tasks.


Nima Kaviani

senior software engineer, IBM
Nima Kaviani is a senior cloud engineer with IBM. He is a contributor to Knative and Cloud Foundry's Eirini. Prior to that Nima was the contributor to Cloud Foundry's Diego for over two years. Nima holds a PhD in computer science and tweets and blogs about Serverless, Kubernetes... Read More →
avatar for Michael Maximilien

Michael Maximilien

CTO, IBM Cloud
CTO for IBM driving platform-as-a-service and Serverless OSS projects across the company. Leader for all of IBM Serverless developers. Active member of the Knative community, one of four committers in Knative client project.

Wednesday June 14, 2017 3:05pm - 3:35pm PDT
Grand Ballroom CD

3:45pm PDT

BOSH Splitter - Chris Weibel, Stark & Wayne & Balajee Nagarajan, GE Digital
As Cloud Foundry operators, we want to provide a seamless experience to our end-users, while keeping Cloud Foundry itself up to date and scaled appropriately. While BOSH is a powerful tool for managing such complexity, those deployments can become unwieldy. Large deployments that involve hundreds, or even thousands of instances run into problems of scale, especially during upgrades.

Drawing on their experience keeping GE's Cloud Foundry - based Predix platform running and up to date, BOSH Splitter was created - a tool that helps split large-scale deployments into easier to manage bites. This tool allows you to split out a BOSH job in an existing deployment into its own manifest, without having to manage multiple deployment repos for the same environment. For example: In a large production environment, you might have 500 or more servers, most of these being runners or cells split across a few availability zones. These can be easily split out into their own deployment manifests and maintained while continuing to leverage your existing templates. You can then schedule your upgrade windows one availability zone at a time if desired, or implement whatever paradigm befits your organization.

Learn how Balajee, Chris and the rest of the team have successfully used BOSH Splitter to make Diego Cell stemcell upgrades much more bearable, and how you can use it in your own large-scale deployments today.

The tool and additional information can be found here: https://github.com/cloudfoundry-community/bosh-splitter


Balajee Nagarajan

Sr. Director of Engineering, GE Digital
Balajee  is active Cloud Foundry community member, working on CF for 4+ years, Implemented one of the worlds biggest CF installation with more then 100,000+ developers and 60,000+ apps with 6 Point of Presence, with GE Digital Predix. He is also actively working on CF K8 integration... Read More →
avatar for Chris Weibel

Chris Weibel

Engineering Team Lead, Stark & Wayne
Chris Weibel is a Engineer Team Lead at Stark & Wayne and has worked on several projects including SHIELD & RDPG. The last five years have been spent helping deploy and maintain Cloud Foundry. A former DBA, SAN administrator, and developer in the regulated banking, utilities and healthcare... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 3:45pm - 4:15pm PDT
Grand Ballroom CD

4:45pm PDT

Monitoring Cloud Foundry: Get on TOP of Your Cloud Foundry Foundations - Kurt Kellner, ECS Team
Have you ever had to answer the question “what is happening on my foundation right now?” As a foundation operator, this is a common question. The open-source “top” plugin for the cf CLI can be a valuable tool in helping track down issues.

The “top” plugin is unlike most cf plugins which typically run using various command-line arguments, output information to the terminal and then exit. Instead, when you run “cf top” on the command-line, it will initialize a text-based interface that will allow user interaction with the screen. It works much like
the UNIX top command.

This talk will demonstrate the “top” plugin, walk through many of its features describing various use-cases where top saved valuable time in diagnosing problems. In addition to the functionality of top, a discussion of how this plugin was written and how it works under the covers. 


Kurt Kellner

Kurt Kellner has more than twenty years of software implementation experience, ranging from the simplest of utilities to enterprise-wide systems serving millions of customers. His current focus is delivering cloud-native solutions to his clients, and he is a Certified Practitioner... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 4:45pm - 5:15pm PDT
Grand Ballroom CD

5:25pm PDT

Burning Down The House: How to Plan for and Deal with Disaster Recovery in CF - Jatin Naik & Therese Stowell, Pivotal
People make mistakes. Hardware fails. Hurricanes, volcanoes, acts of God. You’ve installed Cloud Foundry and are running 1000 mission-critical apps. You’re the operator and the health of CF is on your head, how do you sleep at night?
Backups? But.. is backup an outdated term in a cloud native world? What does it mean to back up Cloud Foundry? What components are involved? What about data services?
In this talk Therese and Jatin will dig into CF internals to map out what’s required to make reliable backups of Cloud Foundry and app data. They will talk through the challenges of engineering a robust b+r solution that works across IaaSs. They will look at different tools and approaches in use now, and discuss issues like downtime and consistency across multiple components. Finally they will present their proposed BOSH-based framework for backup and recovery plus other potential solutions, from disk imaging to event streams, while considering potential modifications to CF to make it more backup-able.


Jatin Naik

Engineering Lead, Pivotal
Jatin is an Engineering Lead at Pivotal Cloud Foundry in London. He supports the Services Enablement team, the Services API team, the Independent Services Marketplace team, and the Services on Kubernetes initiative, helping all of these teams move faster and with an integrated focus... Read More →
avatar for Therese Stowell

Therese Stowell

Director, Product Management, Cloud R&D, Pivotal
Therese Stowell is Director, Product Management at Pivotal. She has worked in the software industry for 20+ years as programmer, interface designer, and product manager. She developed the command line environment in Windows, founded a successful social enterprise, and was part of... Read More →

B&R pdf

Wednesday June 14, 2017 5:25pm - 5:55pm PDT
Grand Ballroom CD
Thursday, June 15

11:30am PDT

Test Driven Alerting: Now with More Data Science! [I]- Rick Farmer & Diego Lapiduz, Pivotal
Dev & Ops professionals everywhere are threatened by a plague.
Alert fatigue is sweeping the planet.
The sheer enormity of the logs and metrics flooding out of the Cloud Foundry firehouse, by comparison, makes finding the needle in the haystack child's play. How can we identify and react to the truly critical events and notify the right people?
In this talk we will present a test-driven framework for creating anomaly detectors while continuously filtering out the junk. Sean will discuss creating alert dashboards that matter to you. Rick will provide strategies for identifying the correct model based on common metric patterns.
Proactive alerting enables you to focus on responsive automation for the important things. We’ll get you ready for autonomous system remediation and global bursting.

avatar for Rick Farmer

Rick Farmer

Rick Farmer (Pivotal) is driven to solve business challenges for the most valuable organizations in the world. He is a solution-powered leader with a track record of navigating complex organizational technology and services to deliver breathtaking results for mission-critical initiatives... Read More →

Diego Lapiduz

Solutions Architect, Pivotal

Thursday June 15, 2017 11:30am - 12:00pm PDT
Grand Ballroom CD

12:10pm PDT

Distributed Tracing - Implementing Latency Analysis for microservices on Cloud Foundry - Reshmi Krishna, Pivotal
Microservices are great but the complexities associated with monolith have now been transferred into the microservices ecosystem. So when things go wrong especially in terms of latency, how do we troubleshoot them? How do we answer questions like how much time it took for the request? Which microservice is responsible for the delay? How can we better troubleshoot without searching through lines of logs? What about real time debugging? In this talk we learn about how we can better answer these questions and more with distributed tracing along with Metrics from Pivotal Cloud Foundry. We will also show a demo of how to implement Distributed Tracing in an existing application with Spring Cloud Sleuth, PCF Metrics and Zipkin. By the end, you should feel empowered to add distributed tracing into your own applications!

avatar for Reshmi Krishna

Reshmi Krishna

Senior Platform Architect, Pivotal
Reshmi Krishna is a Senior Platform Architect with Pivotal. She works with Cloud Foundry and helps customers transform the way they build software. Prior to working at Pivotal, Reshmi was a software engineer with investment banks and start ups on Wall Street. She has extensive experience... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 12:10pm - 12:40pm PDT
Grand Ballroom CD

12:50pm PDT

Gulliver’s Travels In Cloud Foundry [I] - Kevin Rutten, Stark & Wayne
Cloud Foundry is full of Giants. Clouds of thousands of servers and millions of apps. Imagine you could type one command and get a tiny Cloud Foundry deployed on AWS with Pipelines, services like PostgreSQL and Redis, monitoring, and even automated backups. The CF-Tiny project looks at all the steps required to create and provision the many parts for a production quality Cloud Foundry.

In this presentation, Kevin will discuss the “CloudCow” project. CloudCow pulls together Terraform to stand up an AWS IaaS, scripts to generate and deploy all the pieces for a tiny Cloud Foundry with services, and provides a complete Concourse pipeline to allow you to experiment and upgrade your Cloud Foundry. When you can quickly build a production like Cloud Foundry as easily as you can boot a VirtualBox BOSH Lite, work with it, and tear it down or grow it into production. Run a smaller Cloud Foundry for a smaller team or smaller budget.   

avatar for Kevin Rutten

Kevin Rutten

Cloud Engineer, Stark & Wayne
Kevin Rutten is a Cloud Engineer at Stark & Wayne. He has worked with everything from eight-bit microprocessors, to setting up new Data Centres and is currently developing the tools to streamline the deployment and maintenance of BOSH and Cloud Foundry components. Kevin has worked... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 12:50pm - 1:20pm PDT
Grand Ballroom CD

2:30pm PDT

OCI Images for Droplets and Buildpacks [B] - Julz Friedman, IBM
The CF buildpacks workflow allows app developers to focus on the business logic of their code rather than the operational concerns of the OS that runs their code. At the same time, CF operators need confidence that all the code running in their org has been patched for the latest vulnerabilities. However, the current workflow does not currently support dynamically linked compiled languages well. This makes it very difficult to support apps written in C, haskell, et.al.; and also leaves us with a large difficult-to-protect surface area in our rootfs. We explore a solution to this problem using the new OCI container image specification, and demonstrate how this could result in a more flexible, more secure platform that supports better interoperability with the rest of the container ecosystem. For example, what if you could download your droplet and run it on any OCI container manager?

The OCI Image Spec standard gives Cloud Foundry an opportunity to unify the container and buildpack workflows, and to embrace open standards throughout the stack. An OCI Image can be used both to describe a container created using a tool such as a Dockerfile and a container created from a Cloud Foundry buildpack. Using OCI images as a primitive throughout the stack lets us revisit some of the assumptions in the platform and enables a number of new features. This talk motivates this idea and talks about our progress towards making it happen!

avatar for Julz Friedman

Julz Friedman

Open Sourceror, IBM
Julian Friedman (julz) is an IBMer and the project lead for Cloud Foundy's low-level container engine ("Garden") and Eirini (the project to allow Kubernetes to be used as the container scheduler in CF). He has previously worked on various Cloud Foundry projects, performance optimization... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 2:30pm - 3:00pm PDT
Grand Ballroom CD

3:10pm PDT

CF-Motion: Live Migration of Cloud Foundry Applications and Data [I] - Xuebin He & Thinh Nguyen, Dell EMC
Cloud Foundry can provide application portability across multiple Cloud Foundry instances. Developers can push applications to different Cloud Foundry instances easily. However, data and services have traditionally tied applications to a Cloud, limiting application portability. With CF-Motion, applications and data can now migrate across multiple Cloud Providers with minimum to no downtime. In this talk, Xuebin and Thinh will walk through design and architecture of CF-Motion with a demo.

avatar for Xuebin He

Xuebin He

Software Engineer 2, Dell EMC
- Cloud Foundry contributor. - Speaker at CF summit Santa Clara 2017. - Work under Dell EMC Technology Research and Innovation Group.
avatar for Thinh Nguyen

Thinh Nguyen

Software Engineer 2, Dell EMC
- Cloud Foundry contributor. - Speaker at CF summit Santa Clara 2017 and CF summit North America 2018. - Work under Dell EMC Technology Research and Innovation Group.

Thursday June 15, 2017 3:10pm - 3:40pm PDT
Grand Ballroom CD

4:10pm PDT

Blockchain as a Service: Building Blocks of Blockchain [B] - Gary White Jr., Dell EMC
Blockchain is among the hottest technologies in the market place today. Blockchain has the potential to change how we transact business on the internet, empowering users to make secure transactions online without the need to have a third party oversight. For all its benefits Blockchain is still a relatively new technology and most people don’t know how they would practically use it. In this talk we will deep dive Blockchain implementations; explaining how they work and demonstrate how we have integrated these with Cloud Foundry. At the end of this talk you will have a clear understanding of the Blockchain technology and how your Cloud Foundry applications can take advantage of it.

avatar for Gary White Jr.

Gary White Jr.

Software Engineer II, Dell EMC
I work for DellEMC on the Dojo team in Cambridge, MA. We have been working on open-source projects like the Bosh-RackHD-CPI since our team's beginning, and also worked with Persistence in Cloud Foundry for the better part of last year. One of our more recent projects was a POC for... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 4:10pm - 4:40pm PDT
Grand Ballroom CD

4:50pm PDT

Enhancing Cloud Foundry Application Security with Vault - Seth Vargo, HashiCorp
Vault is a popular open source tool for managing application secrets at scale, and it uses an innovative approach to secret acquisition and managing the lifecycle of credentials over time. This approach is not without tradeoffs, since it often goes against common architectures, and Cloud Foundry is no exception.

Unlike traditional secret acquisition which is just a single request, Vault requires a regular updates from the application. This is very akin to a DHCP lease or a TTL. If an application dies or is restarted, it requests new credentials, and it renews those credentials over time. Unused credentials are automatically revoked, reducing the secret sprawl and decreasing the attack surface. Additionally, each instance of an application receives a different credential; if an attacker is able to compromise one application, it's easy to revoke a single credential without causing application downtime.

Seth will discuss the architecture of the Cloud Foundry Vault integration, exploring technical challenges exposed by both Vault's own architecture and design decisions in Cloud Foundry in implementing the Cloud Foundry Vault broker, which controls the distribution of secrets to applications running under Cloud Foundry.

avatar for Seth Vargo

Seth Vargo

Director of Technical Advocacy, HashiCorp
Seth Vargo is the Director of Technical Advocacy at HashiCorp. Previously, Seth worked at Chef (Opscode), CustomInk, and a few Pittsburgh-based startups. He is the author of Learning Chef and is passionate about reducing inequality in technology. When he is not writing, working on... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 4:50pm - 5:20pm PDT
Grand Ballroom CD