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Cloud-Native Java [clear filter]
Wednesday, June 14

11:00am PDT

Cloud-Native Java Track Introduction - Richard Seroter, Senior Director of Product, Pivotal
avatar for Richard Seroter

Richard Seroter

VP of Product Marketing, Pivotal
Richard Seroter is the VP of Product Marketing at Pivotal, with a master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Colorado. He’s also an 11-time Microsoft MVP for cloud, Pluralsight trainer, lead InfoQ.com editor for cloud computing, frequent public speaker, and author of... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 11:00am - 11:10am PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

11:10am PDT

Cloud Native Java [B] - Josh Long, Pivotal
“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” -W. Edwards Deming

Work takes time to flow through an organization and ultimately be deployed to production where it captures value. It’s critical to reduce time-to-production. Software - for many organizations and industries - is a competitive advantage.

Organizations break their larger software ambitions into smaller, independently deployable, feature -centric batches of work - microservices. In order to reduce the round-trip between stations of work, organizations collapse or consolidate as much of them as possible and automate the rest; developers and operations beget “devops,” cloud-based services and platforms (like Cloud Foundry) automate operations work and break down the need for ITIL tickets and change management boards.

But velocity, for velocity’s sake, is dangerous. Microservices invite architectural complexity that few are prepared to address. In this talk, we’ll look at how high performance organizations like Ticketmaster, Alibaba, and Netflix make short work of that complexity with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud.

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Josh Long

Spring Developer Advocate, Pivotal
Josh (@starbuxman) is the Spring Developer Advocate at VMware and a Java Champion. He's host of "A Bootiful Podcast" (https://soundcloud.com/a-bootiful-podcast), host of the "Spring Tips Videos" (http://bit.ly/spring-tips-playlist), co-author of 6+ books (http://joshlong.com/books.html... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 11:10am - 11:40am PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

11:50am PDT

No Rocket Scientist Required - Developing +14,000 Message p/second IOT Systems - Dale Robinson, Arity LLC.
Anchoring the team tasked with developing a high throughput REST system for the Arity IOT platform, Dale Robinson has faced many of the common frustrations such an endeavour inevitably presents. This talk hopes to help fellow developers avoid the pitfalls and highlight the tools that helped deliver a working solution for Arity. Using Java and open source software like JMeter, RabbitMq and Spring Boot, Dale discusses ways to peek inside running containers, how breaking a monolith application into micro-services improved performance and Dales experiences of SDD (Security Driven Development - a personal term born from traumatic experiences) on team velocity.

Using Cloud Foundry instead of traditional JEE architecture, Arity has enabled its developers to deliver scalable applications with ease and made the nightmare of 4 a.m. deploys part of history.

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Dale Robinson

Anchor Developer, Arity LLC.
Dale Robinson is the Anchor for the A_SIX Project within Arity. Dale serves as an internal subject matter expert using Java technologies deployed on the Cloud Foundry Platform. Dale has acquired significant experience building high throughput systems in the Financial Services and... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 11:50am - 12:20pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

12:30pm PDT

Java Buildpack in 2017 [B] - Ben Hale, Pivotal
Over the years, the Java Experience team has worked hard to ensure that Cloud Foundry was the best place to run Java applications in the cloud. To that end, we ensure that every year adds new functionality, new integrations, and improves what's already there. This session will discuss some of the exciting new integrations as well as the recent improvements made to JVM memory calculation.

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Ben Hale

Staff Engineer 2, VMware
Ben Hale leads Pivotal’s Java Cloud Foundry efforts including being a founding member of the Cloud Native Buildpacks CNCF Sandbox project and leading the Cloud Foundry Java Buildpack. In addition to this work, he’s very involved in the Reactive Programming scene founding the Reactive... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 12:30pm - 1:00pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

2:25pm PDT

Monitoring and Diagnosing the Performance Problems of Enterprise Applications on Cloud Foundry Application Platform [B] - Surya V Duggirala, IBM & Igor Music, Royal Bank of Canada
In this session/lab, we'll explore many available tools and techniques to diagnose performance problems and help track the transactions for Java and Node applications deployed on Cloud Foundry Cloud Platform. This session covers applications deployed on native runtimes like Node.js and Java on Cloud Foundry Platform with special focus on microservices.

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Surya Duggirala

IBM Cloud Engineering Guild Leader, IBM
Surya Duggirala is IBM STSM responsible for Architecture and Performance Engineering of IBM Watson and Cloud Platform. He directs a globally distributed team and chairs IBM Cloud performance engineering guild. He is a frequent speaker, leader and active contributor of various open... Read More →
avatar for Igor Music

Igor Music

Lead Solutions Architect, Royal Bank of Canada
Enterprise and Solution Architecture, Application Frameworks, Domain Driven Design, development of reusable Domain Models, and design and implementation of Solutions for Financial Services, Financial Models and Products.

Wednesday June 14, 2017 2:25pm - 2:55pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

3:05pm PDT

Overengineering: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment - Alex Sologub, Altoros
If your are using Cloud Foundry, you are most obviously into the microservices architecture and cloud-native app development approach. These are definitely best practices in modern application development, but too much of a good thing is good for nothing. Overuse of these principles may lead to overengineering, when an application is split into too much microservices and, as such, gets hard to maintain and support. In this presentation, Alex will talk about how far overuse of the microservices concept can go, what issues exist and how these issues can be avoided.

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Alex Sologub

Software Engineer, Altoros
Alex Sologub is a Software Engineer at Altoros. With 6+ years in software engineering, he is an expert in cloud automation and designing architectures for complex cloud-based systems. With extensive experience in Ruby, Go, and Javascript, he took part in integrating a number of popular... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 3:05pm - 3:35pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

3:45pm PDT

What Does It Take to Run Cloud Foundry at Enterprise Scale? - Josh Stone, Verizon
As a Fortune 15 company, Verizon is big. Really big. Over 10,000 developers, 3000 applications big. What does it take to offer Cloud Foundry to a development community that big? How do you run/upgrade/support a dozen independent foundations all over the US? Josh will share the Cloud Foundry story at Verizon, how Cloud Foundry fits into a Fortune 15 IT cloud strategy, and operations lessons learned that can be applied at any scale.

avatar for Josh Stone

Josh Stone

Cloud & API Architect, Verizon

Wednesday June 14, 2017 3:45pm - 4:15pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

4:45pm PDT

Java Microservices at Scale on Cloud Foundry, Today and Tomorrow [I] - Pieter Humphrey and Madhura Bhave, Pivotal
What makes Cloud Foundry the best place to run Java microservices? Looking beyond the Java buildpack -- we'll examine what makes a distributed platform such a perfect fit for distributed applications. How can BOSH managed microservice infrastructure make life easier for DevOps teams once a service has been deployed? What could operational automation look like for critical functions like service discovery, circuit breaker monitoring, and configuration services? Application and operations-focused developers, Architects, and IT managers will walk away with a solid introduction to what makes Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Spring Cloud Data Flow workloads exciting on Cloud Foundry.

avatar for Pieter Humphrey

Pieter Humphrey

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Pivotal Software, Inc
My role at Pivotal is focused on app and infra developers that use Java, Spring and Cloud Foundry. Java middleware has been my focus for nearly two decades, working in development, marketing, sales, and developer relations at BEA, Oracle, VMWare and Pivotal. Talk to me about Cloud... Read More →


Madhura Bhave is a developer at Pivotal on the Spring Boot team. Before joining the Spring Boot team, Madhura worked on the UAA (Authentication and Authorization component for Cloud Foundry) which is written in Spring.

Wednesday June 14, 2017 4:45pm - 5:15pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

5:25pm PDT

A Roadmap to Active Multi Cloud [I] - Steve Greenberg, Resilient Scale & Steve Wall, ECS Team
Multi-cloud capability is a key feature of cloud foundry. Extending this model to multiple active cloud foundry installations has many enterprise wide use cases.

This talk will define active multi cloud, look at common enterprise use cases, describe the concerns that must be addressed, walk through a roadmap and demo and wrap up with best practices.

Often perceived as difficult, creating multiple active multi-clouds with CF is not difficult when you break down the concerns. This talk provides a reference architecture and roadmap for active multi-cloud using Cloud Foundry.

avatar for Steve Greenberg

Steve Greenberg

Steve is the Founder and CEO of Resilient Scale, a consultancy focused on building capabilities through collaboration, training and mentoring. He is a long time application developer and architect and a proponent of Spring & Cloud Foundry. Steve has been working with Cloud Foundry... Read More →
avatar for Steve Wall

Steve Wall

Director of Solutions Architecture, ECS Team
Steve has over 20 years of experience architecting, designing and developing sophisticated enterprise applications, with the past three years focused in Cloud Foundry development. He is a Cloud Foundry Certified Associate and served on the Cloud Foundry Foundation’s committee to... Read More →

Wednesday June 14, 2017 5:25pm - 5:55pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF
Thursday, June 15

11:30am PDT

Quickly Build Spring Boot Applications to Consume Public Cloud Services [I] - Colin Stevenson & Prasad Bopardikar, Pivotal
We all know Cloud Foundry is a great platform for cloud native applications. However, what happens when you’re building an app that leverages services from public cloud providers such as Microsoft and Google? Service brokers make it easy to spin up service instances and bind to apps. What about the actual code itself?

Developers leverage the popular Spring Boot framework to quickly build Java apps to deploy to Cloud Foundry. The Spring Boot Starters and Auto-Configuration eliminate the need to write boilerplate code to consume some services, but not all.

We’ve decided to give you a head start. This session is about extending the Spring framework. We’ll use examples from our recent work with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform services. As more services become available, developers will want to consume these on Cloud Foundry. Extend Spring to make it easier for developers to consume those backing services!



Prasad Bopardikar is a Partner Solutions Architect and Cloud Foundry Evangelist at Pivotal. He works with customers and partners worldwide in implementing solutions supporting micro services architecture with Cloud Foundry and Spring. Prasad is a regular speaker at Java and Cloud... Read More →
avatar for Colin Stevenson

Colin Stevenson

Head of Partner Platform Architects, Pivotal
Colin leads Pivotal’s Partner Solution Architects within the Global Ecosystem team (GET). GET works with strategic system integrator, strategic cloud provider, and DellTech business partners.

Thursday June 15, 2017 11:30am - 12:00pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

12:10pm PDT

Split That Monolith: a Java on Cloud Foundry Story [I] - Michele Mancioppi & Tim Gerlach, SAP SE
They say: "If you are smart, start with a monolith." Justly so.

And then, as the popularity of the service increases, and workload with it, it often comes the phase: "If you want to scale, split that monolith already."

In this talk aimed at developers and architects, the SAP Cloud Platform Performance Team details the many steps of splitting a complicated Java monolith on Cloud Foundry based on its workload and how this evolves over time. How the requirements, APIs and SLAs evolve with the process. How other programming languages, components and backing services get added to the mix. And, of course, what the final, scalable architecture looks like.

avatar for Tim Gerlach

Tim Gerlach

Technical Lead SAP Cloud Platform Performance, SAP
Tim is Technical Lead of the SAP Cloud Platform Performance Team, where he devotes himself to finding out and consult others on best practices for testing and development on Cloud Foundry. Driven by passion for sharing knowledge and for excellent software, Tim is also a trainer for... Read More →

Michele Mancioppi

Senior Developer, SAP
Michele is a performance and development expert in the SAP Cloud Platform Performance Team. His daily business revolves around making good cloud software: deep-diving into cloud applications with performance, resilience or scalability issues. Mentoring development teams for improving... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 12:10pm - 12:40pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

12:50pm PDT

99 Problems But a Container Ain’t One: Forget Serverless, Let’s Talk Containerless Development [B] - Julian Friedman, IBM
It’s time to talk about Serverless. Cloud Foundry has always been an opinionated platform that *uses* containers but hides them from users. It famously popularised the motto “Here is my code, run it on the cloud for me, I do not care how”. Now, the Serverless buzzword has repopularised the idea of not caring about Operating Systems, Patching and Orchestration and “just pushing code”. So how is Cloud Foundry (and PaaS in general) different from Serverless? This talk argues that Serverless is an extreme example of an emerging trend towards *Containerless* development: that is, push code, let the platform take care of the low-value bits like containerisation, dependencies, scaling, monitoring and orchestration. Containerless, in 2017, fits in the sweet-spot with regards to Serverless than Containers did compared to PaaS in 2015 -- that is, it is far far easier to migrate existing apps and knowledge to Containerless technologies, like CF, than to Serverless, and that the next big trend in computing is to Containerless platforms, not Serverless.

Whether you are currently using Containers and interested in PaaS or Serverless, or if you are interested in Serverless but considering whether it is right for you and how Cloud Foundry can enable higher-level abstractions this talk is for you!

avatar for Julz Friedman

Julz Friedman

Open Sourceror, IBM
Julian Friedman (julz) is an IBMer and the project lead for Cloud Foundy's low-level container engine ("Garden") and Eirini (the project to allow Kubernetes to be used as the container scheduler in CF). He has previously worked on various Cloud Foundry projects, performance optimization... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 12:50pm - 1:20pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

2:30pm PDT

Managing APIs and Contracts in a Microservices World Using Spring Cloud Contract [I] - Bjorn Boe, Pivotal
With the rise of microservices and the fall of the monolith, new challenges arise. The monolith that used to be contained in one large codebase have been split up and is being managed by multiple teams. These teams still depend on each other to deliver the final solution, but may not have exactly the same understanding of the APIs that tie the solution together. This situation leads to a lot of time being spent fixing integration problems late in the development cycle and complicates the ability to fully automate the software deployment lifecycle.

In this presentation, Bjorn will look at how Spring Cloud Contract can be used to address this problem. He will show how Spring Cloud Contract can be used to define consumer driven contracts that can be used as server stubs for the client and as unit tests for the server.

After this presentation, the audience will know how Spring Cloud Contract can be used to help them deliver successful microservices at scale.

avatar for Bjorn Boe

Bjorn Boe

Sr. Platform Architect, Pivotal
Bjorn works as a Platform Architect at Pivotal, helping customers build applications natively for the cloud, using technologies like Spring and Cloud Foundry.

Thursday June 15, 2017 2:30pm - 3:00pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

3:10pm PDT

Rethinking RDBMS Data Migration: Modernizing Traditional ETL Processes to Cloud-Native Event Driven Microservices [I] - Anupama Pradhan, Health Care Service Corporation & Jeff Cherng, Pivotal
Extract, transform, load (ETL) has always been complex and expensive for moving massive data sets from one data source to another. This is especially true if the source system is a traditional RDBMS with complicated relationships between tables. Most of the time, traditional ETL processes are implemented with batch, monolithic, and tightly coupled approaches. As the result, traditional ETL processes are often considered fragile, hard to maintain, not easy to tune, and often introduce high data latency between source and destination systems. In this session, Anupama Pradhan and Jeff Cherng will cover how to modernize traditional RDBMS ETL processes to cloud-native event driven microservices pipelines by using Cloud Foundry, Spring Cloud Stream, and RabbitMQ/Kafka. The pipelines can handle high volume data sets and complex database queries, yet with low data latency between the source RDBMS and destination data store. In addition, the design is highly tunable and scalable. The session will also cover analysis of performance metrics based on implementations of real world use cases.


Jeff Cherng

Pivotal Software Inc.
As a member of the Pivotal Data Engineering team, Jeff Cherng is responsible to work with customers to drive technical innovations on high performance data solutions. Jeff is very passionate about Spring Framework/Cloud Foundry and has worked on many distributed systems projects over... Read More →

Anupama Pradhan

Senior Technology Architect, Health Care Service Corporation
Anupama Pradhan is a Senior Technology Architect at HCSC with more than 20 years of experience in software engineering. As part of Enterprise Architecture team, she helps build reference implementations for various technologies and establish architecture patterns in the enterprise... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 3:10pm - 3:40pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

4:10pm PDT

Panel: The Microservices Stack: Are We There Yet? What’s Missing? - moderated by Dormain Drewitz, Pivotal
Every so often, a new computing paradigm emerges. It causes ripple effects across many layers of technology. New categories of software and tools are invented. When the dust settles, a new stack has emerged.

Spring Cloud Services stormed onto the scene in 2015. Cloud Foundry has since proven to be the ideal place to run these cloud-native Java apps. But has the dust fully settled? Microservices change the requirements for data, messaging, monitoring, API management, and more. Are vendors ready to support these requirements? How does the Cloud Foundry platform help with this? What remains an unsolved challenge?

This panel brings together: Kenny Bastani from a Spring developer perspective, Cornelia Davis and her work on the platform's data layer requirements, Ed Anuff from an API management perspective, and Alex Williams as an industry observer view. Moderated by Dormain Drewitz, this panel will debate what's real and what's not when it comes to the emerging microservices stack.

avatar for Dormain Drewitz

Dormain Drewitz

Product Marketing, VMware Tanzu
Dormain leads Product Marketing and Content Strategy for VMware Tanzu. Before VMware she was Senior Director of Pivotal Platform Ecosystem, including RabbitMQ, and Customer Marketing. Previously, she was Director of Product Marketing for Mobile and Pivotal Data Suite. Prior to Pivotal... Read More →

avatar for Kenny Bastani

Kenny Bastani

Spring Developer Advocate, Pivotal
Kenny Bastani works at Pivotal as a Spring Developer Advocate. As an open source contributor and blogger, Kenny engages a community of passionate developers on topics ranging from graph databases to microservices. He is also a co-author of O’Reilly’s Cloud Native Java: Designing... Read More →
avatar for Cornelia Davis

Cornelia Davis

Vice President, Technology, Pivotal
Cornelia works on the tech strategy for both Pivotal and with Pivotal customers. With a broad view across the various cloud-computing models of IaaS, App as a Service, Container as a Service and Function as a Service, her current focus is on how the use of container platforms such... Read More →
avatar for Alex Williams

Alex Williams

Founder and Publisher, The New Stack
Alex Williams is founder and publisher of The New Stack, a content platform for the people who build and manage software the world relies on. He was an editor at ReadWriteWeb and TechCrunch before leaving in 2014 to start The New Stack. Alex hosts The New Stack Makers podcast and... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 4:10pm - 4:40pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF

4:50pm PDT

Panel: Securing Cloud Native Applications [B] - moderated by Kamala Dasika, Pivotal
The emphasis on continual, incremental, and rapid delivery of software has inspired a reinvention of the the way apps are built, deployed, and managed. These new methods are rapidly gaining popularity, and IT organizations are evaluating how this impacts their overall security posture. The complex controls that shape traditional enterprise processes require the security community to work together and reason about them.

This session rounds up diverse perspectives from the Cloud Foundry ecosystem on topics such as
1. Security concerns at different layers of the technology stack
2. Bringing time tested security design patterns into a Cloud Native environment
3. The right combination of trade-offs and optimizations to make security teams more agile

Participants include John Field from Pivotal, Tyler Shields from Signal Sciences, Joe Pindar from Gemalto, and Joe Grandja who is a core committer on Spring Security. The session will be moderated by Kamala Dasika from Pivotal.

avatar for Kamala Dasika

Kamala Dasika

Product Team, Pivotal Platform Technology Partnerships, Pivotal
Kamala leads GTM with Pivotal Cloud Foundry technology partners. She has been working at Pivotal since 2013 and has previously held various product or engineering positions.

avatar for John Field

John Field

Security Architect, Pivotal
John Field has more than 20 years experience in software development, system architectures, and information security. Currently a PM for Platform Security on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, John works on all aspects of security and compliance for the PaaS cloud. Prior to this role, John worked... Read More →
avatar for Joe Grandja

Joe Grandja

Spring Security Senior Engineer, Pivotal
Joe Grandja has been building software for over 20 years in the role of Solution Architect, System Architect, Software Engineer and Consultant. His experience has been mainly focused in the Financial Services sector in the Toronto, Canada area.Joe has successfully designed, built... Read More →
avatar for Joe Pindar

Joe Pindar

Director of Strategy - Enterprise & Cybersecurity CTO Office, Gemalto
Joseph Pindar fifteen-year veteran of the Information Security industry, Joseph’s focus has always been on securing systems and catching bad guys. His current areas of focus include: Blockchain, IOT, UX design, and role technology plays in forming people’s habits. As Director... Read More →
avatar for Tyler Shields

Tyler Shields

VP Marketing and Strategy, Signal Sciences
Tyler Shields is a foremost expert on mobile, application, and Internet of Things security. He focuses his research time and energy on business strategy and the technologies used in securing the rapidly changing enterprise threat landscape. Shields has been quoted and referenced online... Read More →

Thursday June 15, 2017 4:50pm - 5:20pm PDT
Grand Ballroom EF